Our Team



Hi, I’m Dr. Stockman! I’m the Principal Investigator for The THRIVE Study, which means that I am who designed, developed, and lead the study. Particularly, I am one who supervises the study investigators, staff, and clinics and leads all aspects of the study. I received a PhD in Epidemiology, a master’s degree in public health, and have worked at UC San Diego Health since 2009.

I have dedicated my career towards improving the lives of women. As a researcher, I do this by understanding genetic and social interactions in order to create better care and treatment. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct this study in San Diego and work with such great women.


Hi, I’m Dr. Karris! I’m the Physician for The THRIVE Study, which means that I am who conducts the exams for the study visits. Particularly, I am the one who meets with our participants in the clinic, then completes the vaginal exams and sample collection. I am a medical doctor who is board certified in Internal Medicine and have worked as a Physician at UC San Diego Health since 2006.

My interests stem from the “bedside-to-bench”, in that I pursue work that directly responds to the day-to-day needs of my patients. It is an honor to work on a study that is devoted to improving the health and well-being of women and girls.


Hi, I’m Kristin! I’m the Program Manager for Dr. Stockman’s research portfolio. For the THRIVE Study, I oversee and manage the research, which means that I supervise the study staff, oversee study recruitment and enrollment, troubleshoot issues, implement solutions, and support the staff and our participants. While you may not see me in the clinic, I am devoted to supporting all women and girls in the study, and ensuring the study runs smoothly and successfully. 

My personal and professional mission is devoted to improving the lives of women and contributing to make the world a better place. I am honored to be working in a position that is directly in line with that mission. To me, that is the ultimate definition of doing what you love! 


Hi, I’m Kate! I’m the Project Coordinator for the THRIVE Study, which means that I run the day-to-day activities, work with our participants, community partners, and study staff, and make sure everything with the study is going smoothly. It is my job to keep the study running! You might see me anywhere the study is operating! I make phone calls, answer text messages, conduct study visits, lead meetings, post on social media, and fill in where needed.

When you don’t like what’s happening in the world around you, I believe in finding a way to facilitate change. That’s why I do this work, as this is my way of making change, and I’m lucky that I love to do it.


I’m Judy! I’m a Research Associate for the THRIVE Study, which means that I assist Kate with the daily activities of the study, conduct outreach and recruitment, and coordinate and schedule our participants. I fill in where needed and keep the study well organized! You might see me at UCSD in La Jolla or the AVRC in Hillcrest! I post flyers in the community, answer text messages, conduct study visits, and grab coffee whenever I have free time!

As someone who wants to pursue nursing in the future, I feel that this study addressed women’s health in impactful ways- that’s why I do this work. I am lucky to have this opportunity to learn and engage as a part of this team!

Together we can THRIVE!